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Contract Negotiations

Our team of professionals at TAA are committed to protecting you and your talents by offering aggressive contract negotiations. TAA's team has worked with companies all over the world, reviewing client contracts to ensure fairness and equality for both sides.  TAA's experience and keen insight into the sports and entertainment industry, working with global customers, allows our team to anticipate potential challenges the market may produce and balance those challenges with our clients desires.


TAA makes a strong commitment to building relationships with a wide range of companies, domestic and international, interested and willing to work with our clients.  TAA’s access to well-known, large companies, as well as small business, allows us to create a productive environment for endorsement and sponsorship opportunities for our clients.  In representing our clients, we make it our primary focus to grow our clients portfolio to ensure their financial success, as well as, receiving the compensation they deserve.

Legal Representation

The Artest Agency has established a team of licensed attorney's with expertise in various areas of law here in the USA and abroad. During a career, our clients will require advice across various practice areas. The Artest Agency's team covers the following areas of law:


-Wills and Trust

-Estate Planning


-Trademark and Copyright

-Intellectual Property

-Business Planning

-Charitable Foundation


We have developed relationships with international attorneys who focus on international sports law and are available to advise our clients on any issue or dispute that may arise during their professional careers abroad.


Pre-Draft Planning

One of the most pivotal decisions of an athlete's career is when to enter their respective draft.  At TAA, we have developed a unique program that educates and enables our clients to navigate their draft process by establishing a mock-draft scenario.  Working with former drafted players, our clients gain an invaluable insight into the draft process from declaring and receiving clearance by the NCAA, to walking across the stage in New York and putting on their new team's hat.  TAA offers our clients assistance with physical training, media training, practice interviews, and proper draft conduct.  TAA will work with each client individually to best prepare them for their introduction into their new career, increasing their chances of having a long, productive career and mentoring them along the way.

Financial Referrals

Too many industry professionals make miscalculated guesses or uneducated decisions to grow their businesses.  Those decisions can prove wildly successful or heartbreakingly empty.  Those scenarios are all too common.  At TAA, we have put together a team of experts who will advise our clients how to optimize their earning potential and protect their financial integrity for the future.  With experience working with professional athletes, entertainers, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, and other industry professionals, our team knows how to anticipate potential shortcomings and provide significant advice on how to safeguard our clients financial status before its too late.  Authentic. Trusted. Proven.